What to look out for as Moto Race returns

As the world slowly begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most exciting developments for sports fans is the return of Moto racing. After months of cancellations and postponements, the MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 championships are set to resume in July, with a packed schedule of races planned throughout the summer and fall.

For fans of Moto racing, this is an exciting time, as they get to watch their favorite riders and teams back in action on the track. However, there are also some things to keep in mind as the season gets underway. Here are a few key things to look out for as Moto racing returns:

Changes to the Schedule

One of the biggest challenges facing Moto racing organizers this year has been creating a workable schedule in the face of the pandemic. With travel restrictions and quarantine requirements in place in many countries, it has been difficult to plan a schedule that allows for safe and efficient travel between races.

As a result, the 2020 MotoGP calendar has been significantly revised, with many races postponed or canceled altogether. The season is now set to kick off on July 19 with the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez, followed by a packed schedule of races throughout Europe and Asia.

Fans should keep an eye on the schedule throughout the season, as there may be further changes or cancellations depending on how the pandemic situation evolves.

New Safety Protocols

In order to ensure the safety of riders, teams, and staff during the pandemic, Moto racing organizers have implemented a range of new safety protocols. These include regular testing for COVID-19, strict social distancing measures in the paddock and pit lane, and limits on the number of people allowed at each race.

Fans should be aware that these safety protocols may impact their experience of watching races. For example, there may be fewer people allowed in the stands, or restrictions on access to certain areas of the track. However, these measures are necessary to ensure that racing can continue safely during the pandemic.

Changes to the Racing

n addition to changes to the schedule and safety protocols, fans should also be prepared for some changes to the racing itself. For example, with fewer races on the calendar, each race will be even more important in terms of championship points and standings.

There may also be changes to the format of races, such as shorter race distances or changes to the number of laps. Additionally, some riders may be returning to racing after a long break, which could impact their performance on the track.

Fans should keep an eye on these changes throughout the season, as they may have an impact on the overall championship standings and the outcome of individual races.

Exciting New Talent

Finally, one of the most exciting things to look out for as Moto racing returns is the emergence of new talent on the track. With many riders returning after a long break, and with changes to the racing format and schedule, there may be opportunities for up-and-coming riders to make their mark on the sport.

Fans should keep an eye on young riders such as Fabio Quartararo, who has already shown his potential with impressive performances in MotoGP, or Jorge Martin, who won the Moto3 championship in 2018 and is now moving up to Moto2.

By watching these young riders and following their progress throughout the season, fans can get a glimpse of the future of Moto racing and the potential stars of tomorrow.

In conclusion, as Moto racing returns to our screens this summer, there are many things to look out for. From changes to the schedule and safety protocols, to exciting new talent on the track, there is plenty to keep fans engaged and excited throughout the season. So buckle up, grab your popcorn, and get ready for some high-speed action as Moto racing returns to our screens!